E.P. Ferris & Associates has been designing multi-span structures that bridge waterways, railroads, industrial facilities and highways for more than 25 years. Utilizing the latest modeling software including 3-D analysis and finite element analysis, our firm is able to design a variety of structure types, selecting the most appropriate for our clients needs. Recent structural designs have included reinforced concrete slabs, concrete box beams, steel beams, plate girders and steel trusses. The bridges we design connect communities, regions and states to local and global markets.


  • Steel Plate Girder Bridges
  • Steel Beam Bridges
  • Steel Truss Bridges
  • Concrete Box Beam Bridges
  • Concrete Slab Bridges
  • Prestressed "I"&"T" Beam Bridges
  • Concrete Arch Bridges
  • Three Sided Arch Type Culverts
  • Annual Bridge Inspections
  • BR-86 Forms
  • BR-87 Forms
  • Load Rating Analysis