PROJECT NAME: CLA – 70 – 10.55 - Major Highway Widening

CLIENT: The Ohio Department of Transportation - District 7

PROJECT COST: $50,000,000

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Project includes the rehabilitation of existing lanes, adding one lane in each direction on I-70 from US 68 to SR 72, and the rehabilitation/replacement of structures within the limits of the project. Project length was 3.4 miles. Also included was a MOTAA and conceptual maintenance of traffic, with evaluation of innovative contracting methods and consideration of permitted lane closures. Alternatives for raising the overhead structure and/or lowering underlying roadway profiles were included to achieve minimum vertical clearances. Hydraulic analysis for two culverts was performed to determine the required opening, as well as the completion of a subsurface investigation, minimal field survey, drainage study, erosion control, and installation of median cable.